Vlad was found all alone living in an abandoned lot. All of his fur was missing from a horrible untreated skin infection. He had the saddest eyes and seemed to have almost given up hope that anyone would come from him, take him home and love him. Vlad has been at our rescue for a few weeks and we are treating his skin condition (its not contagious) and his hair is slowly growing back in. But what is even more wonderful to see is that his spirits are slowly rising. He has started to play outside with toys and even jumped into the kiddie pool with such excitement! A volunteer took him home for the night and said he was a perfect angel. He is completely housebroken and gets along with most other dogs. We are looking for a furever or foster home for Vlad that will give him the life he never had. He can be aloof at first but gets attached to people very quickly and forms a strong bond. He is waiting for that person that will take him home and love him forever, someone to heal the pain of spending most of his life alone in an abandoned lot with no one missing him. For more information on Vlad, please email adopt@bobbicares.org

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Age: Adult
Breed: Cane Corso
Color: Gray
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)(when grown)