Animal Education/Anti-Bully Program – Bobbi and Staff along with 1-2 dogs visit schools and libraries throughout the year to educate children on proper animal care, the importance of loving them, of respecting all Life, animal cruelty, and the spay/neuter program. Discussion between the similarities of animal abuse and bullying is included in an attempt to help stop the large scale of bullying that children are being exposed to these days. TEACHERS, PARENTS, AND KIDS LOVE IT


This program is also available to Boy/Girl Scouts, to any group of school age children, Bobbi and the Strays also conduct the program at libraries, and on-site.

Let’s help all kids learn the importance of loving animals, respecting all LIFE, and to respect and care for one another. Kids who know the meaning of KINDNESS and CARE. AFTER ALL THEY ARE THE FUTURE.

If you are a school staff or a parent, and are interested in Bobbi visiting your school, or a library, or have a group of children that you would like to have attend this Program, you can call Bobbi and the Strays at 718-326-6070, or write to info@bobbicares.org