We Help Hundreds of Animals Find New Homes Every Year

Bobbi and the Strays’ dedicated staff and volunteers rescue, foster, care for the animals, and place them in loving homes.

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Our Mission

Bobbi and the Strays believes that animals deserve our love, compassion, and respect. Our purpose is to undertake rescue operations and to provide essential care for orphaned, stray, abused and special needs cats and dogs. Through rehabilitation, socialization and adoption, we endeavor to provide a humane service to all animals that come into our care. Additionally we generate awareness about the prevention of animal abuse and neglect as well as spay/neuter programs and their important effect on the dog and cat overpopulation crisis.

About Us

Bobbi and the Strays’ has dedicated staff and volunteers who help rescue, foster, and care for the animals. Other volunteers coordinate fundraising & adoption events and contribute to special projects as well as complete routine administrative tasks. Find Out More


Millions of pets are euthanized in US shelters year. Even with more people choosing to adopt rather than buy, there is simply not enough homes for all the animals. While ten thousand humans are born every day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. The only way to keep the pet population under control is for owners to spay and neuter their pets.

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There are so many ways that someone can volunteer to help Bobbi and the Strays. Any way that you are able to help would be greatly appreciated.

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